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Cost too much but still the best

At 5.99 its a little expensive, especially if you already bought the windows version but still the best video poker "teacher" out there. Fun and it teaches you the proper way to play. It also looks and sounds the most like real video poker. A great app and if you can get it on sale its a must have.


This game (tutor) should be able to get more than 5 stars. I have been using the demo desktop version and really liked it but was reluctant to spend $30 US for a full version. This Iphone / Ipod touch version is worth every penny. It is an exceptional application on my Ipod Touch. It plays well and as slowly or quickly as you like. The playing options assist in fine tuning your playing strategies. Well done, first class with a good selection of games and strong strategies for each. You wont be disappointed.

Costy but worth it

You might look elsewhere after seeing the price of this app, but it is worth every cents. All video poker variations and all pay tables can be used in this program. It runs fast, it can tells you when you make an error accordimg to optimal strategies, you can choose your session bankroll, etc. It is like having all the video pokers games and a training program in only one app. Well worth the price. My only suggestion would be to offer to view the strategies so we can memorize it between game sessions. But this is a really minor issue. Great app!


さすが良くできてます。 操作性もiphoneにマッチしてます。 pc版のようにダブルアップがあればもっといいな。 I want to play double up!

Video Poker Writer

Must have software! Zamzow is a genius and created this break through software with excellent graphics, bells and whistles and, best of all, a variety of learning modes.

The Best and Most Realistic

WinPoker is the best and most realistic video poker game Ive ever played. It teaches you to play well so when you play at the casino you play better. Put the odds more in your favor with WinPoker!

New update with ability to build your own paytable is fantastic!Great tool for learning video poker

This game provides most of the favorite paytables and games. It really helps to hone your skills. The graphics are basic but not any worse than your typical Game King. Highly recommended.

Better Poker Play!

What was by far the best video poker simulation for the iPhone just got better! Now you can even create custom pay tables and analyze your favorite casinos games. This is the best poker app available to practice and sharpen your game. It has paid me back with more perfect play, daily!

You have got to get this ap

Have used Zamzows video poker software on Windows and other handhelds. This is the best software build ever! If you are serious about video poker or want accurate feedback for learning this is the bling bling. There is nothing I mean nothing left to upgrade, except making a hi Def version for my IPad. Well done. Im seriously impressed.

Great app, dont update to last version

Great app, however, last version crashed every time after play on my iPhone 4. Can I have the old version back??? The new update crashes all the time now when Im playing, even had a missing card(just red dot). Please fix soon.

Well worth the money

Video Poker must be played correctly to have a chance at coming out ahead. This program provides entertainment while you learn. I have used the PC version for years and this app is even better. Carry it with you to the casino and you can punch in the pay table at a machine to check the actual payback. You will make the cost of the program back in the first hour of correct play and have fun while youre doing it.

POS stuck at loading screen!!

Ever since they took the i out this app has been horrible now its stuck at loading screen POS app!! Will be emailing them this weekend

Horrible on iPhone 4

Restarts with the same dollar Mount everytime. Even with the latest update it still does not work. We reported issue and still no solution. Dont buy until this is fixed.

Multitasking working now

Everythings now working as it should on iPhone 4. Thanks for the quick fix!

The Best Video Poker Game / Trainer Comes To The iPhone!

Note: Apples iOS4 problems have been fixed! Update to version 1.8 and let Zamzow know its working! He had the issues fixed right away — we all just had to wait for Apples review process. Ive got WinPoker for the iPhone and PC and its helped me improve my Jacks or Better skills and led to multiple Royal Flush Jackpots in Reno! Simply AWESOME! It keeps stats on your play and can even analyze any hand that you enter -- teaching you the best cards to hold. Do not hesitate to buy this app!


As a long time user of WinPoker on a PC, I was very excited to see this app, and it performs beautifully! I can practice all my video poker games (incl. user defined pay tables), just like on a PC, but in my pocket. This app is worth every penny of $9.99. Highly recommended to all serious video poker players.

Disappointed compared to PC version

I was shocked at how many times this app crashed on me, especially considering how good the PC version of this product is, and given the $9.99 price (high for an app)! In addition the omission of pickem, and the ability to modify the pay scales in games are glaring omissions to me. I cannot give a 5 star rating to a product that crashes so often. I would give it 4 stars it it had pick em or user modifiable pay scales. I would like to give this a 3.5, but itunes does not allow half star ratings.

I won a $1000 using this program

I won a $1000 using this program. WinPoker teaches you the right way to play video poker. It has all the different versions of video poker but I stuck with 9/6 Jacks or better. I shows you when you have made a mistake and tells you the right way to play the hand.


Ive been using WinPoker on my PC for years and it has, without question, improved my game and made me a much more successful video poker player. I go to casinos quite often and practice the games Ill be playing before I go in order to fine tune my play. This app makes it so much easier to do. I can even double check tricky hands while Im playing! This app is super easy to use. Changing games, adding coins and analyzing hands at the touch of a finger. Well done!


I dont have any of the problems the other reviews talked about. This game does everything it says. Buttons are laid out nice. Simulation is realistic, you get ground down just like in the casino. Easy to switch games and bet amounts. Statistics track how many mistakes you make. Game does not crash and remembers my balance. The best feature is the analyze hand feature, Ill use that In the casino. Buy this game.

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