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Worth paying for if you want to learn strategy for video poker. It has many different games to choose from and you can define your own paytables. It tracks your errors so you can monitor your improvement. You can cheat and get info for your hand: it will list all possible holds for a given hand, sorted by expected return. Stable and nimble on my iPhone6. Of course no ads or in-app purchase annoyances. Look no further if you want a video poker app that’s fun and will improve your game: this is the one.

Great App

Really well made trainer app. I’m a VP newbie so this is very helpful to learn the strategies. I’m not sure if it’s a bug but I am unable to adjust the volume of the app. Currently on an iPhone 8+ on iOS 11.2.1. I can mute the volume but anything even one bar on the volume bar will make the sounds go at max.

Super learning app

This app goes perfectly with Bob Dancers "A Guide toJacks or Better, which is also a great learning guide. This is a realistic video poker game that also warns you when you are about to make a bad hold. It works perfect on my iPhone 5s and my iPad. I have learned so much , l am sure I will lose much less at the casinos. Buy it, you will not regret it..

Great video poker

This is a great little app that I bought, and also bought it for the iPad, but the iPad version isn’t working with the new iOS 11. I hope they get that taken care of!

Love this app!

Great way to learn VP and also to play games. I hope it is updated to be compatible with IOS 11 so I can keep playing it.

Worth the money!

Trust me, buying this app will pay for itself the first time you sit down to take on the Video Poker gods. Very useful and has strategy for any version that you live to play. Buy it and reduce the house edge!

A mess since iOS 10.0.2 update

Ever since the update I can only set the cash for $100 so I am playing $500 a hand and I can only add to the cash in $10,000 increments, so unrealistic. I emailed Zamzow for help when it first happened and they have not responded. This was a 5 star game but it is now a 1 star.

The Best and Most Realistic

WinPoker is the best and most realistic video poker game I've ever played. It teaches you to play well so when you play at the casino you play better. Put the odds more in your favor with WinPoker!

Video Poker Writer

Must have software! Zamzow is a genius and created this break through software with excellent graphics, bells and whistles and, best of all, a variety of learning modes.

Good, but not great

Pros: Fun to play Quick analysis of pay tables Flexible number of games Cons: Does not track cost of initial decisions Does not track frequency of mistakes No drill mode to reinforce not obvious plays

What a great App!

$10 and well worth it!! I didn't have super high hopes when I got this App, but it has been great. You always have your phone on you, so you always have this training tool on hand when you want to practice your favorite VP game. I have had the training software on my computer before, but then you have to purchase it again when you get a new computer. This App should carry over when I upgrade phones. They seem to have all (or most) of the VP games. The games are set to the full pay level (so, for example, you can't practice 7/5 JoB), at least i have not seen a way to adjust the pay tables. I have been playing non-stop since I got it.

An (almost) perfect training tool

All that's lacking is a training mode that works like "No Mode" but tracks the hands that you have mastered and removes them from the yet-to-be-learned hands. The mastery threshold could be user-selected from a predetermined list (say, 90%, 95%, 99%, 100%). The minimum number of hands to be played before removal would occur could also be selected from a pre-populated list (say, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000). Or better yet, both of these values could simply be entered directly by the user. Adding this "Fast Track" training mode would greatly reduce training time by allowing the player to focus on the hands that stump him or her most frequently. If this feature were added as an in-app purchase, I'd gladly pay $10-$20 for it...and I'd upgrade my rating for iOS WinPoker to 5 stars, hands down!

This is App is money!

Really fixed my game. Easy to understand and learn from!

The best trainer available

Simply the best video poker trainer out there. And the HD version is awesome for the iPad. If you play any video poker at all this app is a must. Forget the cost, this app will more than pay for itself in better results in the casino. It comes with a lot of pre-installed games and you can also add pay tables of other games. There also are multi-hand options. This one of the original PC video poker trainers that has been adapted to mobile devices and it still is the best.

I used to love it

This was my favorite casino game until one day I opened it and my $300k was gone. That took me a long time to build up and I don't want to start all over, so goodbye old friend.


Had this app from the very beginning has gotten worse...slow...freezes up often and crashes occasionally...not worth the $$$'s as if the creator abandoned his/her responsibility in maintaing and updating ...format has changed recently which I like BUT whenever I go in to resume play all my amassed money is back to zero and I have to set my preferences all over...extremely annoying...

Great App

Best App for Video Poker Training, Made money everytime I am in Vegas.

What happened???

I lost all my cash and the games have changed!

V2.0 build 8901 - Can't Analyze Hands

After updating to this version the analyze hand feature is useless.

Good app

Zamzow, overall this is a very intelligent, versatile and enjoyable app. I've been a video poker fan for a few years, and I travel to Vegas annually to try my luck at the machines — with little success. Your clever app saves me money and brings me great joy. I enjoy the "user statistics" screen, particularly the "total errors" section with its breakdown of "minor", "moderate" and "major" errors. (I'm the king of errors! But getting better with your app) I would humbly propose an additional tweak (update?) that would analyze errors in more detail. This screen would be an "analyze errors" log, that would list my original hand, the card(s) I held, the correct play and the error cost. For example the screen could resemble something like this: Original hand (on bonus poker): Ad, As, Kc, 8d, 10h. I held: 10h. Correct play: Ad, As. Error cost: So and so. (I'm horrible at math). I think this additional feature would be a feather in your cap, and make your app more powerful and popular. I've seen many video poker apps in the store, but none with feature-rich options such as yours. Keep up the good work, Zamzow. I look forward to seeing more products from your company. I'll see you guys in Vegas! Sincerely, Zamzow fan

Definitely worth the price

Tells you exactly how to play and has all the video poker game variants in the actual casinos. Very effective training before you actually play, and is invaluable while playing - if you don't know what to hold while playing at the real machine, this app tells you. Plus, it looks, sounds and feels like the actual machine as well. 👍

Still the best app around

This is by far the best video poker app for any platform and will really help you learn and understand the game.

Crashes and Lose $

Love the game and training but it crashed after two four-of-a-kinds and when app was reopened I had lost every dollar. PO'd!

Great app but crashes every time I check statistics

Great app but crashes every time I check statistics. I also don't think I should have to pay for the app when I spent like $30 or something like that for the desktop version. But most important: fix the darn crashes and it will be a five star app. Listen to your customers! We are waiting.

Great App But WAY Overpriced!!

For those unfamiliar, this is the iOS version of Bob Dancer's video poker simulator for PC. The true gold standard in its category. I'm deducting a star because this app is ridiculously overpriced for an iOS game and it's reflected in the fact that this is selling POORLY for how great an app it really is. A result of poor sales is that it's not getting updated and improved. Change the price to $1.99 or even $2.99 and you'll see a LOT more sales and easily edge out your competition's inferior products.

RNG And strategy are off

For DDB bonus the strategy is off. It's cost me money. Also the RNG is skewed and does not provide truly random results.

Great app

I've read a lot about VP from Bob Dancer's column and taken 3 of his classes. I also subscribe to Las Vegas Advisor and Casino Player. This is a great app to practice and learn on and a great aid in Vegas or wherever you play as you can put the cards dealt you into the app and it will tell you what to hold.

Great game but...

Mine crashes always when I try to look at the odds and select the arrow to the right. Then after the crash, it resets my dollar amount and statistics. I think that's annoying, especially when I want an explanation on why it's better to hold an Ace and not a King on one hand, and both on another. But other than that, it's as good as Bob Dancer which is not available for iPhone or Mac. I'll change to 5 stars when this is fixed.

Good for what you need

Great program with learning mode to point out your mistakes when you don't pick the optimal move. Hand analysis feature so you can set specific cards and see what you should do. It even can let you program in a payable for most games and see the expected return before you sit down and play. My only problem is that it crashes occasionally. This app hasn't been updated in a while. Fix that and it can get a 5star.

Good game for learning

I have used this program now for quite a while and feel it is extremely helpful in learning VP strategy. I use this at the machines on my phone as a tag along strategy tool to check questionable hands. The only knock I can give is I experienced more than a seemingly appropriate number of winning hands on this game somehow than in real life and other VP games I have tried. Using the statistical tracking feature while my mistakes are down to barely 1% or so I have yet to have a losing session on this game. Other than that it is a great tool.

Great; could improve

We all know this program, in every form (I've been using the PC version for years) is amazing and very helpful for everyone interested in video poker, from beginners to experts. Therefore, I want to expand on this particular app and version. I still get crashes more than I believe should be acceptable. I own an iPad and used to have an iPod, therefore I bought the iPod version to use on both. I was disappointed I couldnt buy the iPad version and put it on both. I would have been very pleased with at least a discount to $15 for both. But now I am iPodless and stuck with the zoomed in version unless I want to pay another $10. Another $10 would be well worth it,or even more than $10 in my opinion IF the app included my favorite feature on the PC version. That is: the ability to play hands off your error record. That is extremely helpful in the learning/practice process. Overall, great app adaption of the most amazing video poker trainer available, however, i would LOVE to see (and would pay extra for) the ability to play hands from my error recird (and maybe throw the hard hands deal while you're at it). Thanks for the wonderful app. I definitely recommend, even if you have the PC version, because who doesnt love being able to whip out their favorite things on their mobile devices?

Good overall, but crucial "bug"

Very good VP training program overall, however I created a custom pay table for an ultimatex game and loaded it, and somehow app toggled over to betting two credits, where I hadn't updated the pay tables. Cost me a lot of money, when I was constantly told to make the wrong plays. Half my fault for not noticing the switch. half the game's (Come on guys, anyone serious enough to buy this app will be betting max coin every time.)

Best of the best!

This app is truly the best one out of all its the only one you will need. Don't purchase the others it's a waste of money just this will do and it's free!

Great video poker app

Best available on the iPhone. Only thing important missing is "test mode" from the desktop version.

Best Video Poker App

This is the best video poker app. Training for many games and you can play from single hand to 10 hands.

Pricy app; good alternatives for $1

If you just need to know the most common game, Jacks or Better, get "Video Poker Trainer", for 99-cents. BUT, if you want other games, this app let's you play and learn those. I don't gamble those other games at all, just Jacks or Better, so the $10 price is not justified.

Excellent with 3Gs Iphone (IOS3), now needs updating to IOS5

This Video Poker app is excellent using IOS3, however updating to new IPhone 4S with IOS5 game crashes when adding money to fund play. Please Update and fix bug!

It's ok

You probably have it on 1 coin instead of 5 coins - that changes the strategy! I like this app but it still crashes a lot when clicking on the menu

Strategy is not the same of Winpoker 6 for Windows

I recently upgraded my iphone's OS, then iphone Winpoker play (JOB) base strategy is offline compared to Winpoker for windows. For hands, AK3(s) 79(not suited with AK3), iphone picks AK3(s), where Winpoker 6 for Windows picks AK(s). The same for JT(s), QT(s) and KT(s) hands. Not sure how many hands are wrong on iphone vs. Windows, but this is enough for me to stop using it for analysis. I am hoping a update ASAP for iphone.

This is the best ap to learn Video Poker

While it isn't a tutorial, it lets you play and tells you when you are doing wrong. It gives you this analysis for multiple games. I bought several video poker aps, and this is the best one. Had it for my computer; now I have it for my phone too!

Great game but....

Love this game and well worth the $10. Fast, efficient game play. crashes a lot and takes your points back to where you started in the session. REALLY need to fix that and it would be 5 stars.

Simply the Best

I've played other video poker games on the iPhone but none compare with the smooth play and sophistication that Winpoker gives you. I don't usually gamble at a Casino but this guy makes we want to give a shot. The $9.99 I payed for this App may really cost me if I succumb and go to a Casino. Great teacher of correct ways to play video poker.

Better than the PC Version

I am a big fan of the PC version and the iPhone app truly surpasses it. There are 31 games on the iPhone version compared to 23 on the PC and you get all the same basic functionality including the ability to change pay tables and analyze a specific hand. It's just so much easier using the touch screen on the iPhone vs a mouse. Have played thousands of hands without any issues. At $9.99 it's a bargin compared to $29.99 for the PC Version. Same great App - Now in the palm of your hand!

Glad For Updates

I am happy this program is being updated. It still needs a few fixes. One major one is that the newest version still crashes on the newest ipod. I think the next major update should include the ability to add extra pay tables. Example: If you get 4 7's it pays extra at some casino. From One Progambler in Vegas


Great app!


I don't have any of the problems the other reviews talked about. This game does everything it says. Buttons are laid out nice. Simulation is realistic, you get ground down just like in the casino. Easy to switch games and bet amounts. Statistics track how many mistakes you make. Game does not crash and remembers my balance. The best feature is the analyze hand feature, I'll use that In the casino. Buy this game.


I've been using WinPoker on my PC for years and it has, without question, improved my game and made me a much more successful video poker player. I go to casinos quite often and practice the games I'll be playing before I go in order to fine tune my play. This app makes it so much easier to do. I can even double check tricky hands while I'm playing! This app is super easy to use. Changing games, adding coins and analyzing hands at the touch of a finger. Well done!

I won a $1000 using this program

I won a $1000 using this program. WinPoker teaches you the right way to play video poker. It has all the different versions of video poker but I stuck with 9/6 Jacks or better. I shows you when you have made a mistake and tells you the right way to play the hand.

Disappointed compared to PC version

I was shocked at how many times this app crashed on me, especially considering how good the PC version of this product is, and given the $9.99 price (high for an app)! In addition the omission of pickem, and the ability to modify the pay scales in games are glaring omissions to me. I cannot give a 5 star rating to a product that crashes so often. I would give it 4 stars it it had pick em or user modifiable pay scales. I would like to give this a 3.5, but itunes does not allow half star ratings.

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